California Legislature EdTech Bills

By on September 10, 2014

Check out this handy chart to give you an quick update to the most recent status of important EdTech bills! This chart was produced by CETPA, in partnership with CSBA and Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost’s eMatters Practice Group.

High Quality Communication Services/
Telecommunications: California Teleconnect Fund Administrative Committee Fund
AB 876 This bill would specify that discounted rates are available to qualifying schools maintaining preschools and transitional kindergartens.  9/7/14
Held in Senate Appropriations Committee
Online Instruction – Higher Education/
Student instruction: California Online Student Incentive Grant programs
SB 520 This bill would establish the California Online Student Access  Incentive Grant programs for UC, CSU and Community College systems; online courses created by grants would be placed in the CA Virtual Campus. 9/7/2014
Referred to Senate Committee on Higher Education; failed to meet deadline
Model curriculum: computer science
AB 1530 This bill wouldencourage the Superintendent of Public Instruction to develop revise a model curriculum on computer science, and to submit the model curriculum to the State Board of Education for adoption. 9/7/14
Held in Senate Appropriations Committee
Content standards: computer science
AB 1539 This bill would require the state board to consider adopting computer science content standards for computer science education in grades 1 to 12.  9/7/14
Enrolled and presented to Governor
Teacher:pupil ratio/
Online instruction and independent study
AB 342 This bill authorizes the teacher-pupil ratio for Independent Study programs to be different from regular school district programs, if bargained collectively. 9/7/14
Held in Senate Appropriations Committee

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