This page will share out some of the resources available to ON[the]LINE organizations.  For information on upcoming events, see our “Events” page.

Professional Development:

We all know none of this work will amount to anything meaningful without sufficient professional development for administrators, teachers and staff.  Preparing everyone, including students, for life in this new 21st century environment requires a lot of careful planning.  It’s important that these principles are integrated into existing instructional plans, not something layered ‘on top of’ an already overburdened staff.

Preparation for life in the Digital Age—ensuring that polite, positive, and productive principles are integrated into both instructional plans and behavioral ideologies—requires meticulous planning.

Professional development for district administrators, teachers, and staff is imperative to effectively appropriate and implement technology related policy into site-and district-based populations to achieve this end.

Our partner Common Sense Media ( is providing ON[the]LINE a variety of their relevant online courses to help initiate this endeavor.  Additional professional development resources are being developed now, both by Common Sense as others.  Check back regularly to view our updated calendar of trainings and professional development sessions!


Staff Development for Online Safety: E-Rate Toolkit for Administrators, This toolkit includes a implementation guides to help schools meet CIPA compliance, along with tools to help administrators verify compliance.

Student Online Safety: E-Rate Toolkit for Teachers, This toolkit includes lesson plans for all grade levels on the topics of appropriate online behavior and cyberbullying, as well as tools to help teachers verify the completion of these lessons by students.

Digital Passport for Grades 3-5, Students earn badges along this self-guided collection of online activities and videos that provide instruction on topics such as online communication, privacy, and copyright. Digital Passport includes reporting features to track student achievement.
Tips for Teenagers for Responding to Cyberbullying, This fact sheet, from the Cyberbullying Research Center, provides students with steps to take for responding to cyberbullying incidents.
A Brief Guide to Sexting for Educators and Parents, This fact sheet, from the Cyberbullying Research Center, defines sexting for parents and educators and includes research about the prevalence of sexting and steps to take for responding to sexting incidents.

Our partner, Common Sense Media is providing the initiative access to a variety of it’s relevant online courses to help kick off this work.  We anticipate districts and others in the field will contribute as well.

We’ll also keep announcing webinars, and provide a calendar of upcoming workshops, conferences and activities that will assist you in navigating through this change to becoming a “21st Century School District!”